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Read and Convert Cobol Data Files
Why reading Cobol data files is hard and how we can help.

Cobol DataViewer is an ultimate tool for Cobol data files reverse engineering. It reads Cobol data files with known and unknown record layouts, displays them, and converts them to non-Cobol formats. DataViewer recovers valuable data from Cobol files even if you do not have source of the Cobol program that wrote these files.

Trial Version
DataViewer free trial allows you to see first 50 records of the file.

Buy DataViewer
Yes, you can buy any of our tools by faxing in an order and have it delivered by e-mail within 1-2 hours of your payment.

DataViewer Manual and FAQ
Describes DataViewer in detail and answers Frequently Asked Questions.

Release News
Highlights the recently implemented features.

Data Conversion Service
If using Data-Viewer appears to be too technical then simply e-mail us your Cobol data files and we will recover their record layouts and convert them to CSV format.

Partial Customer List
Shows that a lot of companies like Siber DataReaders.

allows you to read Cobol data files directly into Crystal Reports -- a popular report generator by Seagate Software. Data2Cr provides the highest possible speed of record reading. Works with CR ver 8.5 or earlier.

DataAccess COM
is a library that you can use to read Cobol data files directly into your COM-enabled application in VB, C++ or Java. We do not use ODBC or OLE DB layers, so this library is really fast. All Cobol data types are converted to COM data types.

DataAccess C++ Library
is the lower-level file reading library that is used in all DataReaders.

Other Cobol Products
Include CobolTransformer and Cobol cource conversion tools based on it.
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